Executive Order 546 Created the National Telecommunications Commission under which is the Monitoring and Enforcement Unit.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), National Capital Region (NCR) has its beginning in the early 1980s when the Commission was newly created. It was one of the units of NTC Central Office – the Monitoring and Enforcement Unit, having the mandate of monitoring radio airlines, conducts ocular inspection and enforcement activities and confiscations of illegal radio equipment.

Monitoring and Enforcement Unit headed by Engr. Alfredo Sajonas.

Located at the 6th floor of David Gutierrez Building, Scout Reyes Street, corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City. It has a complement of more or less 20 personnel, headed by Engr. Alfredo Sajonas as Officer-in-Charge.

Monitoring and Enforcement Unit headed by Engr. Oscar Villacorta concurrent to his position as Chief of the Telecommunications Planning and Development Department of the Commission.

When Engr. Sajonas resigned from government service in 1984, NTC-NCR was taken over by Engr. Oscar Villacorta, acting as its Officer-in-Charge, while at the same time concurrently serving as the Chief of the Telecommunications Planning and Development Department (TPDD) of Central Office.

Became a Regional Office under Dir. Lilia Borjal-dela Pena. The Monitoring facilities in Fort Bonifacio was also established.

After the EDSA Revolution of 1986, (Mrs.) Lilia B. dela Pena was appointed as Director of NTC-NCR by the Aquino government. While during the time of Engineers Sajonas and Villacorta, the Monitoring and Enforcement Unit have limited authority and therefore functions, during the time of Mrs. dela Pena, it was transformed into a regional office, acting on various decentralized functions of the Commission, thus it was during her time that NTC-NCR realized its present structure.

From a complement of more or less 10 personnel, it grew to twenty-two personnel. It was also during the time of Dir. dela Pena that the Monitoring Office at Fort Bonifacio was established.

Dir. Gilbert Ramirez replaced Dir. dela Pena who was transferred as Regional Director of Region IV.

Following the election of His Excellency President Fidel Ramos in 1992, a revamp of the Commission was initiated, transferring Dir. dela Pena to Region IV, while Mr. Gilbert Ramirez, who heads the Monitoring Unit of NTC-NCR Regional Director from 1992 until his retirement on March 2003. It was during the time of Dir. Ramirez, in 1998 that NTC-NCR transferred its office to its present location at BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City.

Dir. Delilah F. Deles replaces Dir. Ramirez.

After the retirement of Dir. Ramirez, Ms. Delilah F. Deles became the Regional Director of NTC-NCR to the present. Previously assigned in Region VI and Region III and having established a trail of improvements and accomplishments in her previous assignments, she set her goal to make NCR the premier Regional Office of the Commission. Presently, NTC-NCR is continuously transforming itself to better serve the transacting public even after establishing the enviable position as the premier regional office of the Commission.

It continuously reinvented itself in order to effectively address its growing responsibilities and answer its mandate.